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Virtual learning, what's next?

Whether you were rooting for in-person teaching or virtual learning, we’re all asking the same question, what’s next? Our teachers and the Huntley Hills Elementary team are working hard to answer that. Because all schools in Dekalb County are now virtual, it makes sense to combine forces and with our neighboring schools like Ashford Park ES, Montgomery ES to name a few, and come up with a plan. A plan that leverages best-practices and new ways of thinking. We learned a lot last spring about what worked well, and what didn’t work at all.

Every great plan starts with listening and that’s what our school is doing right now, listening to teachers and education experts, many of who are parents themselves.

As we await more information, we ask for patience, and we know that’s hard right now. Our ultimate goal is for every child to be successful and achieve their very best work. And remember you’ve got this!

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