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2022-2023 New Board Member Elections

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

As we close out the school year and look to the future, we have prepared the 2022-2023 slate of PTA board member candidates for consideration. If you purchased a PTA membership, you will receive instructions via email on voting. Each position is for a 2-year term. Returning board members serving their second term in the same position, they will not need to be considered for reelection.

· President: Deborah Hakes Roney

· VP Events and president elect: Amanda Hall*

· Events manager Kristin Stay*

· Treasurer: Ben Yoo*

· VP of Finance: Justin Stay*

· VP of Communications: Ingrid Herron*

· Co-communications chair: Angela Diaz*

· VP Operations: Jenny Melton

· Operations manager: Mike Steele*

· VP Fundraising: Chris York

· Fundraising manager: Sonia Lee*

· Teacher liaison: Ms. Bolden

· VP of Community liaisons: Onelia Reyes

· Principal Dr. Ford

*These are the candidates on the slate that will be voted on.

Committee chairs

  • Co-teacher appreciation: Brooke Broadway and Erin Stover

  • Yearbook: Sara Faris

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