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Girl Scout Troops are forming in our area

Is your daughter interested in being a Girl Scout? Are you curious about being a Girl Scout leader? Come out to our Troop Organizing Event at Chamblee United Methodist on Tuesday, August 24 or Friday, August 27 at 6:30 p.m. on both nights. The girls will meet on the upper playground and be guided through several activities by experienced Girl Scouts. The parents will gather in the amphitheater (next to the playground) and get to ask questions and find out more.

The biggest issue that we have in forming troops is having enough adult volunteers - each troop requires at least 2 adults to register as leaders. You do not have to have a daughter as a Girl Scout to be a Girl Scout leader! If you would like to contribute to the growth and success of girls in our community, please come on out.

Grab your favorite mask and come join us!

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