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February Reading Challenge

The February Reading Challenge starts now through Tuesday, March 2 (Read Across America Day). Theme: Love and/or Black History Month. Students can read a book or participate in a read aloud of a book that talks about love or could fit in the category "Black History Month". This could be a biography of an African American, a book written by an African American, a book that has a strong African American character or discusses the Civil Rights movement. Points: Classrooms will be competing against each other to see which homeroom in K-2 and 3-5 can earn the most points. Students will earn points by completing one of the four projects listed below for the books they read or listen to you read. Projects: 1) Draw a picture related to the book (worth 1 point). 2) Write a response to the book about what you learned from it and how it made you feel. (3 points) 3) Dress up as a character from the book and talk about what happened (the events/retelling). (2 points) 4) Use all your creative powers to make a 3D representation of the book. (3 points) Submitting Projects: Students will take a picture or record a video of their project and upload it to SeeSaw (K-1) or the Google Form (2-5). Students can read as many books and submit as many projects as they would like during the reading challenge. Winning: We will give weekly updates on which classes are in the lead. The 3-5 class and the K-2 that has the most points at the end of the reading challenge will receive a special prize.

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