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MAP Testing

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

Huntley Hills ES will begin the Fall Map administration the week of December 6, K-5 students will begin MAP testing. It is crucial your child understands the importance of testing and do their best. It informs the following:

  • gifted eligibility

  • areas of focus for small group instruction

  • guide the school in interventions and acceleration support for students

  • show how smart they are in Reading, Math, Language, and Science (3-5 only)

Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest during the testing window and bring headphones to school.

Huntley Hills Elementary and Montessori School

MAP Testing Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is MAP testing?

A. MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) Growth is a computer-adaptive test. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next one is easier. This type of assessment challenges top performers without overwhelming students whose skills are below grade level. MAP Growth uses a RIT (Ready for Instruction Today) scale to accurately measure what students know, regardless of their grade level. It also measures growth over time, allowing you to track your child’s progress throughout the school year and across multiple years. Once your child completes a MAP Growth test, they receive a RIT score. MAP Growth is administered 3 times during the school year (Fall, Winter, and Spring). Instead of asking all students the same questions, it adjusts to each child’s performance; giving a more accurate measure of what they know. The MAP Growth tests include multiple choice, drag-and-drop, and other types of questions. Teachers can use the score to inform instruction, personalize learning, and monitor the growth of individual students. Principals and administrators can use the scores to see the performance and progress of a grade level, school, or the entire district.

Q. When is our school conducting the MAP testing?

A. Huntley Hills ES will begin the Fall Map administration the week of August 16 for K-5 students.

Q. What if my child is unable to take the MAP test on the scheduled date due to illness or previously scheduled appointments?

A. If a student is unable to test on a scheduled test day, a make-up window has been scheduled and the student will be allowed to test during the make-up window.

Q. When and how will be results shared with parents?

A. At the end of the DCSD MAP assessment window, all test data will go through a validation process. Once schools have been given the approval by the district to release MAP scores, parents will receive a detailed MAP score report that will detail each child’s overall progress.

Q. How long will testing take?

A. Since there is no time limit for how long students can take to complete the MAP assessments the true answer is "it varies". However, the median time for most grades is less than an hour.

Q. If my child does poorly, would this impact his/her ability to move to the next grade?

A. MAP growth is not an assessment used to determine promotion or retention. MAP results are used to provide teachers and administrators with data to inform instructional decisions for students.

Q. If my child excels on the test, will they move up to the next grade level?

A. No, MAP growth is not an assessment used to determine promotion, retention or grade acceleration.

Q. What should I do as a parent to prepare my child?

A. Watch the MAP Growth introduction video and practice the test at

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions about MAP testing?

A. If you any question regarding the MAP test administration, please email Mrs. Camille Jones, Assistant Principal and School Test Coordinator at

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