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Spreading Kindness Take Two!

We’re back spreading kindness again! Check out how great our teachers and staff are. You can still share your kind words here!

Thank you Mrs. SyedAlwi & Mrs. Lemelle for exploring new and interesting ways to engage & teach our youngest learners! -Anonymous

Thanks Ms.Tilly for being so kind and enthusiastic to meet with the students on Zoom everyday. You have been doing your best since March and it has been noted . Keep up the great work. -Syeda A.

Thank Mrs. Tiller & Mrs. Carey for always being available for support & encouragement! -Anonymous

Thank you Ms. Powell for all of the informative & helpful videos to help us with our technical issues! -Anonymous

We are glad to welcome Mrs. Madsen! She did a great job engaging the students during Library time! -Emily P.

Coach Fears did a great job exciting & motivating the students! I was even getting pumped up listening to his lesson! -Emily P.

Thank you for your dedication and fun classes! Ms. Syed-Alwi you are such a great teacher!! -Mimi

Ms. Lehner is doing a fantastic job communicating with the parents and teaching the kids. She is very sweet and patient. Alex loves her! -Dani J.

Mrs. Tiller is doing a fantastic job teaching and guiding the children. Also, making adjustments as we go to make sure the children stay engage and learn as much as possible. Thank you! -Dani J.

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