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Spreading Kindness

We have the best teachers and staff at HHES! Scroll down to read some words of kindness to prove it! If you'd like to share some kindness, you can send your sentiments here.

Ms. Loretz, my kids loved the ABC yoga poses. So fun! -Anonymous

Ms. Crawford I am so excited to be back in Strings again this year! -Ben N.

Ms. Tiller! Thanks so much for all of your hard work to prepare and engage the students AND parents! Thanks for hosting the additional sessions to help parents feel some reassurance about this virtual learning. So grateful to have you again with our second! 🙏🏻🙌🏻 -Yane & Ben Y.

Great job this week teachers! I am so proud and thankful to be a part of this school! HHES teachers can do VIRTUALLY anything!! <3 <3 -Melissa N.

Dr. Ford & Ms. Jones, in this weird and crazy times, we are so thankful to have both of you leading us in the midst of these times. We feel so fortunate to be here at HHES with you and the rest of the amazing and wonderful staff!!! You have a really great team of teachers! -Yane & Ben Y.

Mr. Malone, you’re a great art teacher! -AJ Y.

Thank you classroom and specials teachers and paras! Thank you Dr. Ford, Mrs. Jones and everyone working so hard to make this year work. We truly appreciate you! -Ulysse G.

Miss Crawford, thank you for sharing your passion about music and the flash mob video you shared. Hope is excited to learn violin with you. Thanks so much! -Bronagh L.

Thank you Mr. Fears for leading P.E! I overheard some of the class and enjoyed how you spoke with the children, particularly on how you educated them on physical and mental health; your song was fun, and the energy was so very positive! Thank you! -Bronagh L.

Mr. Malone - that Autodraw website was the highlight of the day for my son! Thank you! -Anonymous

Thank you Ms. Tiller for your hard work for everyone! -Luke Y.

Ms. Thompson, you helped me learn a lot of music. -AJ Y.

Mr. Malone, thanks for teaching us! -Luke Y.

Thank you Dr. Ford for your leadership through all this! You make the difference. -Anonymous

Ms. King! Thanks so much for the way that you have diligently prepared to make class as engaging as possible for the children. We appreciate you so much and thanks for your hard work. The prep you have done is seen. Looking forward to a great year! -Yane & Ben Y.

Mr. Fears had an awesome virtual background, the kids loved it! -Anonymous

Ms. Walker has been amazing this week! My daughter, who is new to HHES, is excited about school and has had a very positive transition. Thank you! -Laurie W.

Ms. Williams, you’re great at making sure we listen! -AJ Y.

Ms. Lachlan - Thank you for all your communication this week. It has help a ton with getting into the route of virtual learning and it is greatly appreciated. -Jessica H.

We are so glad to be in Mrs. Tilly’s class! Within this first week, we have already experienced what a great teacher she is. -Emily P.

Miss Lien and Miss Duany, thank you for supporting the children with lessons, social interactions and connectivity challenges this week. You are so very appreciated! -Bronagh L.

Ms. Carel, thanks for all things! -Luke Y.

Ms. Carel, thank you so much for your diligence in checking up on the kids and asking them to come back, turn on their video, etc! So thankful to have someone there to help with this! Very, very thankful. -Luke Y.

Thank you Dr. Ford and all our leadership for preparation for our school year. Your efforts and care are very much appreciated. Thank you! -Bronagh L.

Ms Lehner is doing a great job of communicating to keep us updated and we appreciate all the hard work she is doing to make this first week as good as it can be. -Sarah E.

Ms. King, thank you for teaching everyone even though we can’t actually see each other! -AJ Y.

Ms. Viers has such a great way with the kids. She notices all the little details that make the kids feel special and connected. Thanks for being an amazing teacher! -Jennifer M.

So thankful for our Huntley Hills teachers, especially Ms. Tilly & Ms. Lachlan, and all their hard work this week. I know it hasn’t been easy for anyone. Thank you for engaging the students and helping with all our technology issues!! -Cade & Vance M.

Ms. Syed-Alwi Thank you for all your support and communication this week as we get into the route of virtual learning. We greatly appreciate it. -Jessica H.

Dr. Ford & Ms. Jones, you’re really good at making sure we are doing what we are supposed to be doing at school. Also, thanks for protecting our school. -AJ & Luke Y.

Thank you Ms. Tilly for a great first week back to school. Hope is excited every morning to learn, and I appreciate the balance of learning between instructional and virtual learning , as well as encouraging the children to take a break from the screen. On top of that, you have continued on the Montessori training path this weekend, so big thanks to you! -Bronagh L.

Mrs. King is giving the kids lots of opportunities to speak in her zoom calls, despite it being clunky and time-consuming. I know it’s helping the kids feel like they are a part of something, that their presence on the call matters. I really appreciate her caring for them in this way when it would be easy to just want to push through teaching material. My child had only good things to say about her days this week! Thank you, teachers! -Anonymous

We love the teachers and staff at HHES!!! They are amazing!!!! Also a big thank you for their hard work and patience during the first week of virtual learning 🤗. -Tanya S.

Ms. Lachlan has been so kind and patient as she teaches the students to navigate Zoom. I can imagine it is quite frustrating to teach & manage behavior through a screen, but she has kept her cool and continued to keep her cool as she encourages the students. Thank you Ms. Lachlan! -Emily P.

Special thanks to Mrs. Tiller and Mrs. Carel for a great first week back! Although things may be “different” for the start of this year, the kids are in great hands under your care in the “classroom”. Thanks for loving on these kids, and offering the support and optimism they need in this new start. -Oliver C.

Ms. Thompson, thank your for starting off music this week with fun and positive energy with a scavenger hunt. I enjoyed hearing the giggles and excitement in an effort to gain the items. We love your approach! -Bronagh L.

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