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Reopening School Plans

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Update Nov. 7: Dekalb County School Board hosted a Town Hall for parents on Nov. 5. During the presentation, they shared an updated reopening plan that includes new criteria for each reentry phase. Please see below. In addition, they responded to several questions presubmitted by parents from the county. Visit Facebook Live to watch the full Town Hall meeting.

Be sure to join us for the upcoming DCSD Board meeting on Monday Nov. 9.


Update Oct. 25: Dekalb County has seen an increase in COVID-19 rates and have paused until further notice. Teachers and students will not return to face-to-face instruction at this time.

The HHES Reopening Task Force is working on the reopening plans. The HHES PAC will review and assist with the plan development.

Update Oct. 18: The Dekalb County School District (DCSD) board will be meeting on Monday, Oct. 19 to review and discuss the county's school reopening plans. You can watch the meeting here.

On Thursday, Oct. 22 at 5 p.m., the HHES PAC will meet to discuss uniforms this year and on Thursday, Nov. 5 at 5 p.m. to discuss the tentative HHES reopening plan. If you haven't already, please complete the HHES survey and let us know what you think!


With COVID-19 rates on the decline for Dekalb County, DCSD is beginning the initial steps to reopen schools. There is a lot of important information in this post and actions we need you to take.

Parents/guardians will have a choice of hybrid learning or distance/remote learning. beginning November 9, 2020. The learning models for consideration are as follows:

Hybrid Learning Model (Combination of Face-to-Face and Distance/Remote Learning):

Learning will begin with one day per week and transition to two days per week in the next phase. Students will have the opportunity to interact in person safely with their teachers and classmates.

Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings or masks. Also, students will be required to bring their district-issued or personal electronic devices to school. 

Families may opt for the distance/remote learning model at any time by completing a Change of Intent to Return Form at the local school

Distance/Remote Learning Model: Students will continue learning from home in a virtual format provided by the school. Families will have the opportunity to transition to the current in-person learning model at each 4.5-week grading interval by completing a Change of Intent to Return Form at the local school

Note: Local schools will modify the instructional schedule to best meet the needs of the students. Schools will implement a regular bell schedule, so classroom instructional time will increase for all students regardless of the learning model selected. Please note that your child’s teacher or class period may also change.

You should have received the Intent to Return Form on Friday, Oct. 9, via email. Please plan to complete the form by Friday, Oct. 23. You will need your child(ren)s student identification number to complete the form. If you do not know your child(ren)s student identification number, please reach out your child's teacher. This is the same number as your child's lunch number or Chromebook login.

To help our school prepare as quickly and efficiently as possible, please complete this survey and let us know your family's plan to remain virtual or join in-person instruction. We may not receive the DCSD survey information for several weeks and we're trying to gauge and prepare the best we can on our end.

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