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Picture Day is This Week

Picture Day Tuesday, March 16 and Friday, March 19.

It's picture time! Again this is a year to remember, so we have found a creative way to take pictures for our yearbook. Students in PreK through 2nd grade will take pictures on Tuesday, March 16 and grades 3 through 5 will be on Friday, March 19. Your child’s homeroom teacher will snap a quick photo/screenshot on zoom. Please have child “picture perfect” as these memories will be captured for our school’s yearbook. Both face to face and virtual students will take a zoom picture for consistency. Here's a few tips: - Make sure your child's first name is displayed correctly on zoom - Make sure your child is sitting in a well lit room where their faces are clearly shown - Backgrounds should be a "blank" wall for best picture quality.

Information to order yearbooks will be coming soon!

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