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Parent Meeting Recap

If you missed last week's meeting, we've got you covered! During the one hour presentation Dr. Ford and Ms. Jones went over a lot of information. Below you'll find the recording and the key takeaways.


- If you don't complete your intent to return, your child will be defaulted to in-person and expected to return to face to face learning.

- If you plan to remain virtual, you MUST complete the intent to return form.

- You can change your learning preference from virtual to in-person (or vice versa) every 4.5 weeks to align with the progress report schedules.

- There is no Tiger Time. Please plan to pick up your child as walker, car rider or bus rider. Dismissal begins at 2:15 p.m.

- Items to bring for in-person learning

- Chromebook and charger

- ALL workbooks (My Math)

- Personal water bottle

- Yoga mats/towels (Montessori only)

- If your child is using a non-Dekalb County Chromebook or device, the school will not be responsible or able to troubleshoot those devices. If you need a Dekalb County issued Chromebook, please reach out to your child's teacher.

- There is a virtual Open House, be sure to stop by and complete your forms as needed.

- There will be no morning clubs. Clubs will start at 3 p.m. when students return face to face in the coming weeks.

View the full presentation below:

En Española

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