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Istation is back!

Parents and Guardian,

As the we continue to determine the students’ areas of growth, we will monitor students reading and math progress utilizing Istation assessments monthly. Istation engages students with animated, game-like activities in a computer-adaptive assessment.

Istation will provide parents, teachers and administration information regarding:

  • Skills that are most predictive of future reading and math success .

  • Progress in each area in a manner that is appropriate to reading and math domains (phonics, reading comprehension, math facts, etc.)

  • Provides a comprehensive snapshot of reading ability and math foundational skills for student mastery of mathematical concepts.

With the monthly data from class reports, your child will receive individualized instruction to target those areas for improvement and you can monitor your child’s progress as well.

Information about downloading Istation on personal devices is listed below. Istation is already on Huntley Hill chromes either in the Kiosk/Apps before you login, or once you log in the System Tray the circle in the bottom left corner.

We will start our first Isation assessment soon, please use the documents to help download the app on your child’s device in preparation. Your teacher can also assist you! Please text your teacher in Class Dojo for support.

Dr. Mia Ford

English Resources

Istation Q and A
Download DOCX • 15KB
Download PDF • 237KB
Download PDF • 245KB
Download PDF • 621KB
Download PDF • 579KB
Download PDF • 375KB

Recursos en español

Download PDF • 450KB
Download PDF • 681KB
Download PDF • 579KB
Download PDF • 419KB
Download PDF • 457KB

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