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Counseling Corner - August 2021

I saw this bulletin board in our hall and it said “Welcome Back – Your School Missed You.” My sentiments exactly, we truly missed you and it is so nice to see our tigers in the halls and classrooms!

Our counseling department is back with enthusiasm. We are providing a comprehensive counseling program that will fit the needs of all of our students. Our goal for this year is to get back on track academically, socially and personally. We will provide individual/group counseling, responsive services and guidance lessons. Our guidance lessons will focus a lot toward college/career because we want to support the Vision of the Dekalb Graduate. Its start now, achieving the goal for all students to graduate from high school. Our counseling team will provide the tools and resources needed to pursue the goal.

Attendance Matters for all. We need to be at school every day! Every day we are learning new things and we need full participation this school year. I can only ask for you to do your best and try to make it to school each and every day and On-Time.

We will continue with our mentoring program, student council and more fun stuff this school year. More information will be coming soon.

I have to give a GREAT BIG SHOUT OUT to our PTA for remolding our Counseling Center. It looks amazing and I’m so grateful, truly from the heart. Thank You Jenny Melton, Amanda Hall, Darrah McGuire and the painters. Again and again, THANK YOU ALL who helped make our counseling center our pride and joy!!!

I want to welcome our new Part-Time School Counselor, Dr. Rhonda Collins. Welcome to Tiger Land!

As we start off this New Year, it is important to me to instill good values, morals and standards that are school based and society oriented. I want to offer and provide our students a nurturing environment where they can learn, grow and excel. So, LET’S GO TIGERS AND HAVE A GREAT SCHOOL YEAR!

You may reach Ms. Nelson @:

Office - 678-676-7414

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