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Dekalb School Redistricting Information


Huntley Hills PTA is encouraging our families to be involved with the current redistricting process. It will change enrollment at Huntley Hills. It may move current students to the new Doraville United Elementary School (Cross Keys North) and some new families may join our school. We will find out more on Wednesday 10/16 at 7pm, the district is presenting the options for redistricting. We love our Huntley Hills Elementary community and hope to keep as much of it in tact as we can. 

Join us on Wednesday 10/16 for the redistricting meeting at Chamblee High School at 7pm let's show the district how much we care about our school.

If you plan on attending the meeting and do not already have a Huntley Hills adult size shirt, email with your shirt size, we have sizes Medium-XL, your child's name and teacher by Monday 10/14 at 8pm and we will send home a free shirt with your student by Wednesday. Please wear the shirt to the meeting to show your support for Huntley Hills.

Read up on the process and familiarize yourself with the current boundaries (you can zoom in on the map and see enrollment figures by neighborhood/complex). 


Current enrollment figures:

Not listed is Kittredge, because it is a magnet program in the old Nancy Creek building, it isn't part of cluster counts, 2018 Enrollment was 482, building capacity is 550:


If you have questions, check out Dekalb's website or read through their FAQs, if you have questions specifically about Huntley Hills reach out to and we will do our best to answer them but anything you see right now, even from other neighboring schools, is all speculative and until the district presents on Wednesday 10/16 at 7pm, no one can know exactly what they are thinking or how this could end up. Staff Recommendations will be on presented on Tuesday 11/19 before going on to Board Approval. 

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