A special thanks to our community partners for 2019-2020 

Huntley Hills Elementary PTA receives music grant

PTA is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Georgia Music Foundation! The funds will enhance our students' ability to learn music education through Ms. Jasmine Thompson.


Ms. Thompson teaches music to kindergarten through fifth grade, with up to 50 students in a class and only 11 instruments (7 xylophones and 4 glockenspiels).


"Everyday my students come to class excited to learn and express themselves through music." she says. " But we don't have enough instruments to explore their creativity and passion. I can only teach a small part of the song, then I have to let other students get a turn. The students would progress much faster if they had more time to learn and practice."


The $4,850 that we are receiving from Georgia Music Foundation will enable the purchase of 14 additional glockenspiels and xylophones, as well as instrument stands, movement and dance curriculum, sensory integration, and material for kindergarten and special needs students.


We will be able to begin purchasing the materials in January, so check with Ms. Thompson and your students to see what new things are happening! 

During the 2019-2020 school year, the HHES PTA applied successfully for grants and raised funds from community and business donors to expand our students' access to musical instruments, grow classroom libraries, pay off student lunch balances, improve art materials, and more. 


Our major 2019-2020 grants and business donors included:

We're applying for grants throughout the summer and to help us meet your family's needs this upcoming year, we want to hear from you! Please take this two-minute survey to share what you feel are the biggest needs at HHES that PTA could help with. Thank you!

HHES receives Dollar General Literacy Grant for Reading Buddies  

We are proud to announce that HHES has received $2,000 in grant funds to support the Reading Buddies program. The PTA applied for and received this grant on behalf of HHES.


Reading Buddies was established in 2019 to strengthen literacy in our K-3 students. The program aims to help students learn to read and write, so they can reach their full potential. 


The Dollar General Literacy Grant will enable us to purchase books for classroom libraries for four third grade classrooms.  First through third grades are key years for the development of reading proficiency as students continue to work on comprehension while texts get more complex, and so we are pairing students with adult volunteers who serve both as weekly read-aloud partners and as mentors, framing reading as a fun and engaging activity. Classroom libraries will serve as a resource not only in the classroom but also at home for our third graders who may not have access to appropriate books at home.

National PTA Names Huntley Hills Elementary & Montessori School PTA a 2019-2021 National PTA School of Excellence!

We are excited to announce that Huntley Hills PTA has been named a National PTA School of Excellence! As a National PTA School of Excellence, Huntley Hills Elementary made significant progress to welcome and empower families to support student success and school improvements during the course of the 2018-2019 school year.


During the 2018-2019 school year the PTA worked closely with our families, teachers, and staff to support and create a learning environment for all students at Huntley Hills. One of our focuses was on the health of our students, we have completed the new water bottle filler in the gym, the sensory hallways installation, and enhancing our courtyard garden. As we continue into this school year we are creating indoor recess bins, adding enhancement to the playground with shade and seating including a Buddy Bench for the students. The Huntley Hills PTA is committed to our families and school and look forward to the continued growth of our relationships moving into the new school year. 


Stay tuned for specific celebration activities for Huntley Hills PTA recognition. Reach out if you would like to become more involved ptahhes@gmail.com, we are always looking for new volunteers and families within our community. 


Huntley Hills Elementary PTA joins an elite group of schools recognized by the National PTA for its partnership with families through PTA to enrich the educational experience and overall well-being for all students.